PAUSE - Feel the Difference

Pause is a destination-oriented transformational process that attunes the body to its natural rhythms. This experience takes place in the stunning paradise of a private Hawaiian villa under the direction and care of expert somatic facilitators in conjunction with an elite team of local Lomi-Lomi practitioners.

Our sequenced services change the body’s rhythms by slowing and realigning them through a combined process of structural bodywork, body awareness approaches, guided self reflection, traditional Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, essential oils aromatherapy, yoga practices, Tai Chi and walking meditations. Pause delivers a profound and significant release and reordering of the body guided by the wisdom of ancient Hawaiian culture. We support this process with healthy, locally-prepared, organic meals. We also place significant value on free-time as a way to relax, recover and experience the full benefits of our services. From lunch to dinner Pause attendees can read, nap, process, swim, sun, surf, walk and enjoy other activities of interest.

To pause is to surrender your whole self to a place of rest where you can allow the flow of nature and our culture of healing experiences to remove energetic obstacles, renew verve, foster growth, advancement, and expansion into new physical, emotional, and spiritual life!