Upcoming dates for Pause Kauai:

PAUSE FOR HEALTH OF THE PELVIS featuring Shelly Prosko. Six nights - Oct 19-25, 2016, Moloaa Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

This opportunity for you to take a "Pelvic Pause" is meant to explore and encourage a heightened connection to your pelvic floor and your self; and as a result, enjoy an enriched connection to others so you can live, shine, and share your most authentic self with those you love and care for and with the world around you. You will spend each morning learning from and practicing with Shelly about a variety of topics surrounding all layers (koshas) that influence pelvic floor health to help create and sustain optimal overall health and well being. Your morning sessions with Shelly will include educational components combined with inspiring and empowering yoga practices (movement, awareness practices, mediation, and breathing practices all integrated with yoga philosophy) that you will be able to transfer to your daily life in practical and sustainable ways.

In addition to the five mornings with Shelly, you will also have an opportunity to spend one afternoon with her in a semi-private setting of 2-4 people, to further ask questions to deepen your personal knowledge and practice as it applies to your uniqueness.

From the Pause Team:

"Pause is an opportunity and an authentic Hawaiian experience for you to become immersed in our customized and nurturing environment, which is developed to promote changing one's body rhythms and thought patterns while offering time to reflect on what one fines significant and meaningful.

Pause is a destination-oriented transformational process that attunes the body to its natural rhythms. This experience takes place in the stunning paradise of a private Hawaiian villa under the direction and care of expert somatic facilitators in conjunction with an elite team of local practitioners.

Our sequenced services change the body's rhythms by slowing and realigning the through a combined process of structural bodywork, body awareness approaches, guided self reflection, traditional Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, essential oils aromatherapy, yoga practices, Tai Chi and walking meditations. The Pause Effect delivers a profound and significant release and reordering of the body guided by the wisdom of ancient Hawaiian culture. We support this process with healthy, locally-prepared, organic meals. We also place significant value on free time as a way to relax, recover, and experience the full benefits of our services. From lunch to dinner, Pause attendees can read, nap, process, swim, sun, surf, walk, and enjoy other activities of interest.

To pause is to surrender your whole self to a place of rest where you can allow the flow of nature and our culture of healing experiences to remove energetic obstacles, renew verve, foster growth, advancement, and expansion into new physical, emotional, and spiritual life!"

Michael - and Pause Team


  • Six nights on the 11-acre Moloaa Bay Estate, a property located on Kauai's North Shore and for the exclusive use of Pause Hawaii's guests
  • Local, organic meals cooked daily by Chef Jennifer Murray
  • Three bodywork sessions by the Pause team
  • Daily excursion options to waterfall hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, surfing, sightseeing, and snorkeling
  • Daily yoga classes by Shelly Prosko
  • Daily guided meditations by Michael Solberg and the Pause team
  • Offerings of Hawaiian wisdom by local cultural ambassadors
  • A Pause luau with Chef Murray and local talent

The October 2016 Pause Hawaii package is priced at $6,200 per person and includes everything listed above, as well as transfer from the airport to the estate upon arrival.

Airfare to the islands is not included.

LIMITED to 12 PEOPLE -- filling

To reserve your space, contact michael@pausehawaii.com for a brief intake interview and to submit a 50% deposit.

Charitable Contribution: 3% of Pause Hawaii profit is donated to local philanthropies so you can give back to the island and its people that give so freely to us.

"Aloha aku Aloha mai" = "The love you give is the love you receive"!