Emina Karamanovski

Emotion Interpreter

A Western‐trained physician who obtained her medical degree from the University of Belgrade in 1989, Emina Karamanovski, M.D. has emerged as an international leader in the expanding field of emotional literacy. Her passion for helping people attain not just physical health, but also greater emotional well‐being, prompted her to study some of the most cutting‐edge methodologies available in the fields of emotional intelligence, psychology and hypnotherapy. Dr. Karamanovski is also a certified life coach who holds degrees as a practitioner of NLP and HeartMath, as well as a Diplomate in Logotherapy.

Dr. Karamanovski is available as an adjunct presenter for Pause retreats. Her most popular topics include:

1) EMOTIONAL FITNESS: Everybody knows that unmanaged emotions are detrimental to your health, your happiness and your career. When emotionally upset or stressed, we act in ways that often do not represent our true selves. Understand the messages of your emotions and you will learn how to manage any stressful situation in less than 3 minutes. Discover the real purpose of your emotions and you will gain the ability to resolve conflicts quicker and avoid the sand traps of self-condemnation, anger and resentment. Become emotionally fit and you will be able to effectively deal with life’s challenges. You will be surprised how easy it can be!!!

2) EMOTIONAL LITERACY: If you find yourself at a lack of words when you want to express your feelings, you are tired of feeling emotionally flustered, or you want to master the ability to express and communicate your emotions with clarity and precision, you need to learn the language of emotions. Emotional brain develops before the cognitive brain so we are never taught the language of our emotions. Emotional literacy helps you identify and translate your feelings into words easily and effortlessly. You will gain the tools to interpret your sentiment into intelligent words and actions.

3) WHOLE BRAIN DECISION MAKING: Every day we are presented with thousands of decisions to make. While some decisions are easy to make, others can be a struggle or can weigh us down. You will learn an easy three-step process to decision-making that will show you how to put more power in your willpower so that you can make high-impact decisions – and follow through with them. In addition you'll discover innovative, easy-to-learn techniques for making left-brain/right-brain decisions that are smart, timely and effective. Gain insights into the complex process of decision making and, as a result, you’ll be able to glean the right information, appraise any situation more effectively and assume any role with greater confidence and success.