Michael Solberg

Founder, Owner

Michael Solberg is the founder of the Solberg Center for Structural Integration in Dallas, Plano and Honolulu. Founded in 1994, the Solberg Center has helped many thousands of people by offering a combination of therapeutic and personal services including the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and other forms of manual therapy, yoga, Pilates, acupuncture and movement/awareness education. Michael's passion for engaging people in a way which empowers them to build space and grace in their bodies and lives was fostered at an early age. He is a second generation Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration and was reared in a family which put emphasis on genuine health and wholeness. Michael continues to be inspired by his father, Ken Solberg to pursue a journey toward oneness of his sacred self and his human self, and carries the joy and fulfillment of a spiritually centered personal life into his professional pursuits. Michael attributes his renown reputation for developing an authentic and compassionate rapport with his clients and friends to his mother's and father's influences. It is his deepest desire to pass on this legacy and model a life of positive influence and joy to his two sons.

Michael has studied with the world's leading masters of the Rolf Method and has served as faculty at the Guild for Structural Integration in Colorado and Hawaii. Spurned by his giving teaching style, Michael and his wife, Virginia created the Plano Seminars of Arts and Science (PSOAS) in 2005 to provide continuing education to the manual therapy industry. Michael is a graduate of Southern Methodist University 1983 and serves on an alumni advisory committee and sits on a number of boards for non-profit organizations.

Michael's immediate enthusiasm for Pause is expressed in his comment, "I am committed to developing programs and methods which people can engage in to more fully connect with their authentic self, foster understanding and compassion for others and the world we live in, choose to embrace the attitude of gratitude and deepen their experience of Creator and the healing power of Love. I have developed Pause to create an intentional culture offering space for personal growth where one can pause to add emphasis to meaning and to reflect and deepen the awareness of one's genuine appreciation and enjoyment of life."

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