Pause to Breathe - CLOSED

Retreat in Maloaa Bay, Kauai

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Featuring Cat McCarthy - Jan 22-28, 2017, Moloaa Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

You cannot control the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Life is flowing at a rapid pace, so it's crucial to find moments to "take a breather" and find balance in the movement. The cycle of breath represents the natural rhythm of life. An exhale is an offering from the inside out. Respiration is the most important conversation between giving (oxygen) and receiving (carbon dioxide). This dialog also occurs on a larger scale in how you relate to yourself and others.

Over this weeklong retreat, you will replenish your body, heart, mind, and breath. Take a hiatus from constant stresses and luxuriate in a practice of moving yoga poses, breath work, and integrative tools to re-pattern how you posture yourself both on and off of the mat. Surfing the waves of life can become more entertaining and empowering than ever!

When the first of Captain Cook's crew arrived at the Island of Hawai'i, he came ashore and asked the first Hawaiian he saw" What's the name of this place? Where do you live?" The Hawaiian answered, "Hawai'i."

Then the sailor went to another area of the Big Island and asked the next Hawaiian he saw, "Where do you live?" The second Hawaiian said, "Hawai'i.". And then a third, with the same answer, so the island was named "Hawai'i." What each Hawaiian meant was, "I live in the supreme Mana that rides on the life's breath."

When the sailor visited the next island, he asked the first Hawaiian he saw, "Where do you live?" This Hawaiian said, "Hawai'i." And then another island and another, and still the same answer, "Hawai'i." So Captain Cook named all the islands, "Hawai'i."

But Hawai'i isn't just a place in the middle of the Pacific, it's a place inside you - a place that, wherever you go in the world it is still inside you. You see, what the Hawaiian was sawing was, "I live in:

Ha: meaning breath, or breath of life

Wai: meaning water, but also a code word for Mana or life force, and

'I: meaning supreme

But Pause and Hawai'i is not jus tin the Hawaiian Islands, you also carry Pause with you, and so you can connect with your Hawai'i - the supreme life's force that rides on the breath, any time, anywhere.

There is so much to glean from the ancient wisdom in Hawaiian culture.

Before any Hawaiian would begin to chant, or even to make a pronouncement, they always breathed and meditated. But the new arrivals didn't, so they were called Haole. Ha, meaning "breath," and Ole, meaning "lacking."

So let's not be Haole, at least not in the true meaning. At the January Pause event, we will explore the full excursion of breath and surf its wave, embodying the natural rhythm of all creation. Build your breath to be the sound of the trumpet of God.

Our creator is waiting for us in the wave of life which He has blown into each of us.

From the Pause Team:

"Pause is an opportunity and an authentic Hawaiian experience for you to become immersed in our customized and nurturing environment, which is developed to promote changing one's body rhythm and though patterns while offering time to reflect on what finds significant and meaningful.

Pause is a destination-oriented transformational process that attunes the body to its natural rhythms. This experience takes place in the stunning paradise of a private Hawaiian villa under the direction and care of expert somatic facilitators in conjunction with an elite team of local practitioners.

Our sequenced services change the body's rhythms by slowing and realigning them through a combined process of structural bodywork, body awareness approaches, guided self-reflection, traditional Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, essential oils aromatherapy, yoga practices, Tai Chi, and walking meditations. The Pause Effect delivers a profound and significant release and reordering of the body guided by the wisdom of ancient Hawaiian culture. We support this process with healthy, locally-prepared, organic meals. We also place significant value on free time as a way to relax, recover, and experience the full benefits of our services. From lunch to dinner, attendees can read, nap, process, swim, sun, walk, and enjoy other activities of interest.

To pause is to surrender your whole self to a place of rest where you can allow the flow of nature and our culture of healing experiences to remove energetic obstacles, renew verve, foster growth, enhancement, and expansion into new physical, emotional, and spiritual life!"

Michael - and Pause Team


  • Six nights on the 11-acre Moloaa Bay Estate, a property located on Kauai's North Shore and for the exclusive use of Pause Hawaii's guests
  • Local, organic meals cooked daily by Chef Jennifer Murray
  • Three bodywork sessions by the Pause team
  • Daily excursion options to waterfall hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, surfing, sightseeing, and snorkeling
  • Daily classes by Cat McCarthy
  • Guided daily meditations by Michael Solberg and the Pause team
  • Offerings of Hawaiian wisdom by local cultural ambassadors
  • A Pause luau with Chef Murray and local talent

The January 2017 Pause Hawaii package ranges from $2,900-$6,200 per person based upon accomodations, and includes everything listed above, as well as transfer from the airport to the estate upon arrival.

Airfare to the islands is not included.

LIMITED to 12 PEOPLE - filling

To reserve your space, contact michael@pausehawaii.com for a brief intake interview and to submit a 50% deposit.

Charitable Contribution: 3% of Pause Hawaii profit is donated to local philanthropies so you can give back to the island and its people that give so freely to us.

"Aloha aku Aloha mai" = "The love you give is the love you receive"!