Pause is an opportunity and an experience for your small group to travel to Hawaii and become immersed in an environment developed to promote changing one's body rhythms and thought patterns while offering time to reflect on what one finds significant and meaningful.

We have created a format which includes an incredible combination of services for you to experience. Each morning is filled with yoga, walks, bodywork, massage, aromatherapy, healthy food and guided reflection.


The bodywork and physical body services you will receive are designed and formulated to create a specific effect. We have developed a sequence and process by which we can help change your bodies rhythm. Slowing and changing your physical body rhythms provides a venue and access for you to listen to the rhythms of your mind and spirit. We will combine structural bodywork, body awareness approaches, traditional Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage,...


PAUSE is committed to ensuring that you don't worry about when and where you'll eat during your stay. We have hand-picked local chefs who effortlessly exhibit their knowledge and passion for honoring origin and quality that highlights the importance of cultural cuisine.

Whether you choose the Oahu or Kauai location, we have scoured that island for the most suitable chefs which can deliver the Pause gourmet organic experience. Our...


PAUSE also offers inspiration through exposure to the inherent wisdom in ancient Hawaiian culture. We have collaborated with local cultural ambassadors to lead us into insight of the meaning and symbolism in local language, art, food and local lifestyle. Ancient and contemporary Hawaiians lived holistically, embracing the union of what many of us considered different aspects of living. This is made evident in their language, their food,...


We also place a large value on free time for Pause attendees to read, nap, process, swim, sun, surf, walk and enjoy other activities you are drawn to on the islands. You will enjoy personal relaxation time all afternoon, from lunch through dinner. Spend this time any way you like. It is important to us for you to have a lot of time for yourself.

We have developed a process which is unique. By Pausing one's body, allowing a person...


Mr. Inman facilitates an inspirational, interesting and empowering aspect of our Pause experience in Hawaii. Using the metaphor of our life as a 'story', he compassionately leads us in purposeful introspection of whether we are living the story we are designed to live. As a gifted group leader, Matt allows us to reflect on the story of our life and create some intentional decisions about how we can write the next chapter of our story...


"Aloha aku Aloha mai" means The love you give is the love you receive.

Pause Hawaii is designed to not only restore and nourish Pause guests, but to also support and protect the island's ecosystem, economy and people. Pause endeavors to minimize our event's footprint, promote and support local farming and small business, honor the local Hawaiian people with respect and promote environmental awareness. As a Pause guest, you can be...