We also place a large value on free time for Pause attendees to read, nap, process, swim, sun, surf, walk and enjoy other activities you are drawn to on the islands. You will enjoy personal relaxation time all afternoon, from lunch through dinner. Spend this time any way you like. It is important to us for you to have a lot of time for yourself.

We have developed a process which is unique. By Pausing one's body, allowing a person to be an observer of their thoughts and an author of their feelings, we can move in the direction of living a life that clearly reflects one's individual passions. And, what an amazing way to go through a transformational experience-- in the amazing paradise of a private Hawaiian villa, being cared for by the loving and compassionate hands of the best somatic facilitators available anywhere, being nourished by Hawaii's top chefs providing a gourmet experience of locally grown organic food for each meal, being encouraged and supported in your process of self reflection, amidst the backdrop of insight to the inspiration of an ancient culture which lived holistically embracing the union of the human self and the sacred self in each moment and task. Experience a Pause in your life in which you can notice your authentic desires – and then get to take the effect of Pause home with you! This is not simply an amazing vacation, it is a fulfilling experience to bring you closer to the deep joy and peace within you and define accessibility to your true north so you can allow and continue to develop your purposeful story in the paradise of your life back home.