PAUSE is committed to ensuring that you don't worry about when and where you'll eat during your stay. We have hand-picked local chefs who effortlessly exhibit their knowledge and passion for honoring origin and quality that highlights the importance of cultural cuisine.

Whether you choose the Oahu or Kauai location, we have scoured that island for the most suitable chefs which can deliver the Pause gourmet organic experience. Our team of chefs boast not only impeccable classical culinary education and credentials as authors and leaders in their art and industry, but have a passion for honoring the ancient Hawaiian lifestyle of harvesting and preparing fresh food with loving hands. Pause supports local farms for meats and produce as well as local fishermen for daily caught fish and seafood.

Our chefs can deliver a menu based on your personal preferences. We are prepared to accommodate your dietary needs or preferences. Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, Paleo or simply prefer delicious gourmet meals your Pause culinary experience will be memorable.