Mr. Inman facilitates an inspirational, interesting and empowering aspect of our Pause experience in Hawaii. Using the metaphor of our life as a 'story', he compassionately leads us in purposeful introspection of whether we are living the story we are designed to live. As a gifted group leader, Matt allows us to reflect on the story of our life and create some intentional decisions about how we can write the next chapter of our story that honestly and deeply reflects our authentic and individual drives and values. We can be moved by the idea that the next chapter of our story does not have to be unconsciously influenced by the history of our story so far. The details and tone of our life's story to this point (and it's inertia) can influence or dictate how our life story will continue to write itself over the next several chapters, unless we become the awakened author and, calling upon Divine inspiration, pursue writing a poetic chapter of meaning and significance. Wouldn't you like to make more mindful choices and not feel victim to an unconscious writing process? Defying the predictable, we are directed to our authentic and unique personal identity and properties. Matt's casual and interactive process of self reflection empowers us to make choices that more appropriately reflect our own values so as we write the next chapter of our life we are in charge.

Matt's role is as peace practitioner and not as professional therapist. This is not professional counseling.